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Artist’s Statement | Steven Brough Photography

Artist’s Statement

I often wonder what it might have been like to be one of the first to witness a raw, untouched wilderness, much like Lewis and Clark, John Wesley Powell, and other great explorers of an earlier time.  To see the landscape unmapped and unblemished.  To be the first to witness the breathtaking virgin landscape unfold before my eyes.  There is something in me that yearns to explore, to discover, to connect in a very unique and personal way to the natural world.

Interestingly, I think we can all feel some part of that spirit of discovery.  Whether or not it has been “discovered” by others previously, we can all capture our own personal discoveries as we visit and see a place for the first time.  And best of all, the landscape is always changing.  Seasons, small details, weather, light.  The vision that we witness, and in our own way interpret, is unique to our experience and our connection with the land.

My connection with the land stems from an apparent familiarity inherent in the earth we inhabit.  As I have visited and continue to visit new places, I find there is a spirit unique to each individual place that speaks of its’ creation; its’ history.  A spirit not dissimilar from our own.  Ultimately, that spirit connects and draws me to the natural world.  To return to places I have previously been and to explore and become acquainted with new landscapes.

I find myself sitting alone in silence, watching the fleeting and changing light begin to blanket the earth.  Contemplating the meaning of creation and my unique place in it all.  Aspiring to capture the beauty of the landscape in a way that will inspire others to feel the spirit of that place; to feel a desire to find their own individual connection with the land. – SB

STEVEN BROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY | St. George, UT | 435.767.1433 | steve@stevenbroughphotography.com | All images © STEVEN BROUGH PHOTOGRAPHY 2015
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