The Santa Clara River Valley has been inhabited for thousands of years by Hunters and Gatherers as early as 8,000 B.C. and subsequently by small scale farmers known to us as Ancestral Puebloans dating as far back as the 6th Century A.D.  The remnants of these ancient people have been left etched into relatively flat oxidized surfaces of large boulders covering the ridge and west face of Land Hill.

These ancient Petroglyphs are strikingly clear and well preserved giving us clues to prehistoric life in this area.  It is fascinating to stand in the presence of ancient writings, images, or ruins and to let your mind wander to another time.  To wonder about the people who lived here and what comprised their daily life and social structure.  To imagine the surrounding landscape raw and unmarred by modern development.  A fragile balance between man and nature; life and after-life.  A simplification of basic need and an appreciation for God’s grand creation.

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