Zion National Park’s Court of the Patriarchs has long been one of my favorite locations in the park.  As with many other features in the park, these impressive stone monuments were named by Mormon settlers after the great patriarchs of the Old Testament.  The two Patriarchs in view to the right of the image are Abraham and Isaac with “The Sentinel” just in view to the left.

Zion is full of sandstone monoliths and formations carved out over millions of years by wind, rain, and the unassuming and seemingly insignificant Virgin River.  Hiking in this canyon often leaves me with a sense of humility after spending time below its’ towering monuments and among the powerful forces of nature constantly at work here.  Its’ not hard to imagine why the ancestral people originally settling this canyon thought it to be a sacred and holy place and why later settlers chose religiously themed names to adorn the park’s many features.

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